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YGODA Looking for 4th ADMIN

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s{EXED} Token Gay

s{EXED} Token Gay
YGODA Looking for 4th ADMIN

Hey guys, let's keep this short. YGODA is looking for a new administrator who is willing to put effort into making YGODA an active, sexy, and awesomer place by the day~

There will be no test (Note: Majority failed... well, actually all and average was 0 points for the one I did so I gave up on that one) and just an interview to see if you have the potential to be an administrator.

Note: All codes to be shown to you in the administration panel CANNOT be showed to others (Especially other academy sites) as I will be easily able to detect if it's sent thanks to P.I.S.T.O.N. Scan (Shout out to Jen G. for giving me her program) and you will NEED my permission if you wish to use a code from our site to others.

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