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YGODA Testing Rubric

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Phantom Princess

Phantom Princess
YGODA Testing Rubric

As unfair as this sounds, the testing rubric will solely focus on the wins/loss and consistency of the deck used by the testee, so if you will take the test, please make sure that it is a deck you actually THINK will win. Test results are IRREVOCABLE (Unless with the permission of an ADMINISTRATOR ONLY for you to have a redo).


  • Format: Match
  • Siding: Yes
  • TCG/OCG: TCG Only
  • Ban-list update: No
  • Card update: No
  • Change deck after game LOSS: No
  • Change deck after game WIN: No
  • Duration: Must NOT exceed 1 hour to prevent easy accommodation for the next testee and to prevent the tester's time from being tested
  • Banned decks include: Alternate wins, First Turn Kill, Stall, Lock and Burn

Testing Rubric Definition

(DN Name in use by tester) vs (DN Name in use by testee) - If the testee or tester is using an in game name that is NOT posted in their profile or if they are, fill this.
(Tester Deck) vs (Testee Deck) - It is vital to provide the deck names and at least a screenshot of the testee's deck. (You have the right to just send it to the tester for grading)

Match Win/Loss - The tester should just write Tester/Testee (2-0 or 2-1). A perfect 2-0 win by the testee is equivalent to 5/5 while 2-1 for 3/5 and 0-2 for 0.
Deck Construction - The following should be STRICTLY observed in grading the deck:

  • Consistency
  • Were the number of cards useful (Applicable for 45+ cards deck)
  • Enough to make the tester have a run for their money
  • Did it win?

Ruling Test - A test moz ruling quiz will be provided soon.
Siding Skills - Scale of 1-5 on whether the sides were useful (Provide a screenshot for proof)
Overall Skills - Was the testee really skillful? Note: Automatic decks do NOT make a duelist bad, even if it's automatic, you still need to use your brain to outsmart your opponent since our testers would be skilled enough to counter the said decks.

Attitude - Important Note: The academy doesn't give a damn if you're a tester, moderator, or EVEN an administrator in another site. This is Yu-gi-oh! Duel Academy territory you're stepping into, no academy else; however, there are still those who blatantly present themselves as academy staff members which is unavoidable, right? Please consult our head administrator named Pizza Boi.


  • Obelisk Brutes: 0-20/50
  • Ra Gagas: 21-42/50
  • Slifer Slackers: 43-50/50

Horakhty will be given a special test which is currently undergoing construction.

Bracket Code

(DN Name in use by tester) vs (DN Name in use by testee)
(Tester Deck) vs (Testee Deck)

[b][color=#00FFFF]Match Win/Loss:[/color][/b] Tester/Testee (2-0 or 2-1) = 5/5
[b][color=#FFFF00]Deck Construction: [/color][/b]15/15
[b][color=#00FFFF]Ruling Test: [/color][/b]10/10
[b][color=#FFFF00]Siding Skills: [/color][/b]5/5
[b][color=#00FFFF]Overall Skills: [/color][/b]10/10
[b][color=#00FFFF]Attitude: [/color][/b] 5/5

[list][*][color=#0000FF][b]Obelisk Brutes: 0-20/50[/b][/color]
[*][color=#FFFF00][b]Ra Gagas: 21-42/50[/b][/color]
[*][color=#FF0000][b]Slifer Slackers: 43-50/50[/b][/color][/list]

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