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General Rules

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Phantom Princess

Phantom Princess
General Rules

Yu-gi-oh! Duel Academy is focused on providing better area for Yu-gi-oh! users to express their ideas on deck knowledge, debates on cards and many more which tackles Yu-gi-oh! and so, in order to achieve this, the contents of this topic will focus on the rules that we will be enforcing from the moment you register until the moment you leave.

Take note; however, as we do not grade the case into minor, major, or severe as we take everything on the same degree. In the bottom of these rules will be how we will add a warning that could lead to your possible ban in the future if you failed to oblige.


As you can see, a lot of fields are there for you to fill out, and that serves a few reasons but the only one I'll reveal is that we are trying to gather as much information from the users as we can. Now, I would like to discuss things upon registering which are NOT allowed in this forum no matter what the cost:

  • Registering with a username that contains sexual or malicious words
  • Names that would impersonate our administrators or any other staff member
  • Defamatory content that would affect a person, race, ethnicity, etc.

Starting Point/Posting

I have already indicated there a category called "Starting Point" and it should be obvious that you are to select that area first. Let this be a warning as we do not take test results as valid if you did not post an introduction and a test request (It should be easy since I made a format for you to fill in already). Lastly, the following rules must be observed in posting:

  • Necro-posting will not be tolerated. A post will be considered a necro-post if and ONLY if the topic has not been replied to within 10 days (Auto-pruning is enabled so it will be moved to the garbage immediately, in some cases only, though.)
  • Any post that violates the Terms and Services of Forumotion will be IMMEDIATELY removed and would warrant a permanent ban (One of the exemption in the banning method)
  • Any post that would adhere/lead to impersonation stating that you are a staff member will be garbaged
  • Since this academy will give out free Graphics Requests and Coding (This is applicable ONLY to none Yu-gi-oh! forums), the content must be solely for that and the poster must NOT intervene with any Yu-gi-oh! related topics
  • Posting shall be checked by a staff member occasionally to check if the post would exceed a M rating which would result to it being immediately deleted
  • Double posting is a strict 'no-no' here and you must have a 24 hours lapse for you to post once more (Including 'bumping' a specific topic)


As a staff member, it is our priority to pass on proper judgment in order to grade the students based on his skill level. The following rules will be strictly observed by a staff and the testee:

  • No teacher is allowed to test without ANOTHER staff member watching (This makes judgment easier)
  • Test Requests will be immediately trashed if the testee fails to meet the requirement(s)
  • Anything not related to the test sections will be trashed
  • If you wish to ask why your score was given to you then do NOT take the matter towards the topic as it will be locked and opened only for staff members so private message it to them (Topics opened for this will be garbage-d)
  • If you wish to have a retest to see if you can place into a better dorm then you must first gather up 500 DP in order to ask for a retest.

Miscellaneous Rules

The rules that are contained here will no longer be posted because if you have read the ToS in Forumotion, they will be applicable as our Miscellaneous Rules.

Banning Method

As you have seen in our profile, this as an example: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] there is a ban gauge.

Now, what is a ban gauge? Basically, it measures the number of bans you have received and that gauge will decrease the more you have one; however, for this academy, that ban gauge is only up to 6 before we officially ban you.

We are not that brutal so read this portion:

  • 1st Offense = Oral warning
  • 2nd Offense = 1 warning
  • 3rd Offense = +1 warning
  • 4th offense = +1 warning
  • 5th offense = Permanent ban

Now, where does the 6th come in, right? Well, we do feel sympathy so we will allow you to register ONE more time; however, take note: your ban gauge will no longer be 100% and will only be 20% because if you commit another violation, it will certainly lead not only to a permanent ban, but also IP ban of ALL your IP addresses.

Warning: We take the rules here very seriously, if you plan on 'trolling' too much and attempt to threat someone (Which is our highest priority to prevent), we will not hesitate to file a litigation report against you, no matter what country you are from.

Once that has happened, please take note that we WILL take this to jury and just within Forumotion as they will NOT be involved in this because, in here, we respect all internet rules and regulations.

That is all! Now that you've read it, I hope you all think twice before starting to tick the academy off Wink.

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