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Hangout Rules

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Phantom Princess

Phantom Princess
Spam Paradise Rules

The spam paradise is the OFFICIAL off-topic area we have. You can post anything, really so as long as it does not contain anything that would break our General Rules and Forumotion's Terms of Service.

You may also use your DP's to buy a 'blog' format if you wish to have your own space.


The rule for this one is really simple. You are NOT allowed to post anything that goes above Rated T (Check FF site for definition) and stories may contain from different shows, etc.

Anyone who does not follow this will have their post deleted and will receive a warning/ban.

Shops and Center

Let me first explain the Graphics and Decks Shops as they have the same rules:

  • These shops are opened ONLY by buying them in the Academy Official Shop (Will explain bellow)
  • These shops must follow the rules strictly
  • The owner(s) of the said shops has(ve) the freedom of declining a request
  • If the shop is found invalid, it will be deleted immediately (Full refund on the Dueling Points you used)
  • At least 2 showcases from each category (Avatars, Signature, etc. - For Graphics Shops only) must be showed as their sample

Academy Official Shop

  • The topic for the shop will be posted as a sticky and is locked for normal members
  • In buying an item, you must click the "New Topic" button as it will contain an auto-form for you to fill out easily
  • The new topic is a must because we are able to check if the items have been distributed properly in an easier way than just scrolling on a specific page
  • We have the right to decline your request if it does not fit our criteria or if we do not find it proper
  • (This is applicable only to Yu-gi-oh! academy codists)You may be able to buy our codes but we also have the right to reject you if we do not see it fit

The rules for the Academy Official Shop will be updated once the academy is opened to non-Yu-gi-oh! players.

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