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Pizza Boi's Hiatus

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s{EXED} Token Gay


Everyone, this is not farewell as the topic states; however, from today on wards, I will be way busier than the usual.

My work hours got extended from 12 hours up until 14 hours in real life and that is not my only work. I am also a manager at the general Forumotion site so I will be helping them as well.

I am also busy with DNF since I started war dueling again and the deck garage, art area and whatnot (My time there is rather scarce as well).

I am still going to go on YGODA whenever I have the time and DN, but please do not expect I will log in the chat box here.

I will no longer be replying in Skype as well unless it is very important, so a message to those who have me added, I will instantly remove you from my contact list if you keep on bugging me with useless things.

As of now, Mr. Noodles and Slenderman are our current admins who will still have the time; however, both of their times are also limited as Mr. Noodles is going to school and preparing for his finals while Slenderman is busy with interviews and a possible chance to get work.

If I decide, I MIGHT open up a staff application for ANOTHER moderator who has time.

This application will be strict, any form of trolling and/or spamming in the topic will warrant a warning and once you exceed 2 warnings, please know that I will find out information about you so I will send you a message via your real email, Facebook (If you have) to tell you to stop trolling.

This is not blackmail, but simply a warning as I do not tolerate idiots these days.

Pizza Boi

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I will miss you Boi. Take care

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hope you get your stuff together and tell me all the funny stories

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