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Administrator Explanation

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Phantom Princess

Phantom Princess
What is an administrator?

First off, congratulations! You have made it as an administrator of our very lovely academy; however, you may be wondering how we administrate, correct? Well, if you have the experience then still bloody read this as our academy enforces a different kind of administration.

What is a YGODA administrator?

Basically, as a YGODA administrator, our main priority is to achieve a secure, fun, active, and functioning place. We do NOT allow drama, we do NOT allow trolls, we do NOT allow party poopers, and we do NOT allow advertising for different academies and the biggest rule of all...


YGODA is protected by copyright so any form of distribution of our codes WILL lead to a possible litigation report AGAINST the administrator who distributed them and that is VERY easy to tell as the Founder can always access the main security panel which non-founder administrators cannot see.

What is your job as a YGODA administrator?

Simply put, you really do not have a job. You are just there, sitting on your throne. No you do NOT relax the moment there are a lot of people present in the academy.

You have to ALWAYS check everything, from posts up until profiles since there is a field called Battle and Shadow Records and it is a part of our responsibility to change that for every new member and the moderators' as well.

You are to evaluate and assess, including other administrators if they are functioning properly. Lastly, you, yourself have to find a unique way of contributing to this forum, whether it would be graphics or coding, it is fine. Any administrator can contribute in moderation so that is not a valid contribution.

Note: If you wish to experiment a code here in the academy, don't do it. Make a test forum and the version should be punBB because that is our academy version.

You're an administrator, right? Well, always act like it.

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