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2514nuke's test results

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Kuriboh Master
Kuriboh Master
! Duelist ! vs 2514nuke
Fire Kings vs Plants

Match Win/Loss: Tester/Testee 2-0 = 0/5
Deck Construction: 11/15 I like your destruction loop Smile But you could add more consistency (Maybe duality?) and 1 tytannial. Also, mirror force instead of Wall of Thorns.
Ruling Test: 3/10
Siding Skills: 3/5 Debunk, awesome! Also, effect veiler can't stop Garunix...
Overall Skills: 9/10 Knew how to use cards and when to use them.
Attitude: 5/5

Total: 31/50


  • Obelisk Brutes: 0-20/50
  • Ra Gagas: 21-42/50
  • Slifer Slackers: 43-50/50

Welcome to Ra Gagas! You have potential, you just don't know it. With practice, you can become a very good duelist. I'm looking forward to your re-test if you are going to have one Smile. Enjoy your stay!

-Life is like a game. You must play it in order to win it.

"I don't accept perfectness, I only accept lameliness."
                                                                  -! Duelist !

I'm the Kuriboh Master. Please refrain yourself from calling Kuriboh a "hairball".
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