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The Arena Betting

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What is this?

This is a new idea that some of the Ygoda members wanted. This will be a new way to use your DP in a fun and interactive way. When two people duel, be it Offcial Arena duels or just for fun, an Administrator or Moderator will make a topic for the betting (This is upon request from both duelists). Everyone will place their bets before the match begins. Then, after the match is over and the winner is decided, everyone who betted for the winner will gain a portion of the total DP betted. Likewise, the ones who bet on the loser will lose the DP they bet.


The following Rules must be followed.

• Do not bet more than your total DP.
• You cannot bet more than once.
• All bets are final.
• Do not argue with the Admin/Mod who is being in charge of the current bets. If you think something is wrong, PM me.
• There can only be 3 Bets per day (Each one must have different duelists).
• Bets are open in events (Lives, Quick Tournaments etc.)
• Keep this pg13.
• All other forum rules apply.
• There is no max DP; however, minimum is 1 DP

Betting System

I will be using Saltybets' system.

Saltybets wrote:
Payouts are made proportionally. For example, if you wager $1 on player 1 and the total pot for player 1 is $4, your proportion is 25%. This means that you are entitled to 25% of the player 2 pot, assuming that player 1 wins. Your proportion of the payout is calculated as follows: (Your bet/Total amount bet on the player).

Source:  [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Now to understand the top, you need to know how odds are figured out.

Saltybets wrote:
Odds are displayed as follows: (Player 1 payout : Player 2 payout ($Potential payout)). The minimum bet that can be placed is $1, so odds are always displayed in relation to $1. For example, odds of 1:4 indicate that for every $1 in the player 1 pot, there are $4 in the player 2 pot. Odds of 4:1 indicate that for every $1 in the player 2 pot, there are $4 in the player 1 pot. Potential payout is the total amount of Salty Bucks you can win given your current wager.

Source: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Using the top information, the one in charge will calculate the winnings for everyone.

Now then. In a reply, you only need to include the following:


Amount of DP Betting:
Duelist you are betting on:

Have fun peeps, and any questions PM me.

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