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YGODA Movie Night Guidelines

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Hi, Guest! As you know YGODA is made to provide you guys with a fun and friendly community. So, YGODA will be hosting Movie Nights every Friday from now on.

This idea is not ours, so credits go to the guy who thought of this.


• No nudity of ANY kind.
• No rape.
• No domestic/child abuse.
• Anything that is PG 13 or lower is fine. Anything higher MUST be reviewed.
• Anything that goes against Forumotion's Term of Services WILL NOT be accepted.

How will this work?

We will host it via live streams. A chatbox will be included as well. Meaning, we will watch the movie in real time and you can talk with each other at the same time Wink.

Anyways, a topic will be made in which everyone can suggest movies. At that point, we will close it after we get 10 suggestions (IF you suggest a rated R movie, suggest something lower as well).

After that, I will pick all the movies from a hat. The one I pick out of the hat first is what we watch.

Movies will be announced on that Thursday. Also, the member's movie that got picked will gain 50 DP!

Finally, the movie will be streaming in real time on Friday. I will post a timezone table of the times the movie will be on in every movie post. (It will be showed once on that day and only once)

Note: Nothing is needed to join in the fun Wink

Have Fun and get your movie on Cool


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[17:03:43] @ Rotten Noodles : You just got ninja'd <.<
[17:03:49] @ Yogurt Boi : You can check
[17:03:51] @ Rotten Noodles : Or so Number says e.e
[17:03:53] @ Yogurt Boi : Omg for the first time
[17:04:00] @ Yogurt Boi : I admit defeat to Rotten Noodles

[20:12:55] ! Duelist ! : sevensome op

[18:03:49] Almighty Yeezus : Enjoy all the fun around you right now. When people grow old and things start to fade out, all you will have is memorizes. It's better to have as much good ones and sad ones and funny ones as you can.

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