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the beards intro

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the beard is here

No one special
No one special
Hello everyone in the academy my name is the beard. I am from Manchester England. i love to duel watch WWE and have conversations. I duel all the time and play my ps3 and Ps4. i also love to make creative and competitive decks so if u need help deckbuilding or ruling questions im your guy. I can be very sarcastic so please dont take that as an insult . if you ever got to DN chat u will see i control the chat. I am a walking comedy act what can i say the brits are funny .

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s{EXED} Token Gay

Hey bro, welcome to the acad. Read the rules, get tested, and join the tourney.

Most importantly, have fun!

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Heaven Lea Grace: You better hope your burn comes with a spare matchbox

SomaQuadriga: why u do this?!
Me: I'm the only one who can pull this **** off.
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