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Guardian of Chaos

No one special
No one special
So we should have Societies like the Society of light in GX but we have more than just light now.
Society of Fire
Society of Water
Society of Earth
Society of Wind
Society of Light
Society of Darkness
Society of Divine Power
People of the academy can register to see if they can be leader of the Society of their choice but the Head admins and Moderators can choose who owns what society. Now when the Leaders are figured out we can have other members register for the Society of their choice and the leader will review them for acceptance in anyway the leader wants to like a duel test, ruling test, interview, or base on their rank/skill level. Once a member is accepted he or she has a chance to duel their leader for his or her position after being in the society for at least 1 week. Leaders get to set up tournaments for their society and challenge other societies to a team tournament. The society that wins a team tournament gets to choose one of their members to become leader of the losing society or force the best member of the losing society to join the winning society.

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Well, I guess this can work. It does need a lot of planning and organization to work out.

Suggestion Accepted

Achievement Unlocked~ Thank you!(Gaurdian of Chaos)

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