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The Story of how i became B@TMAN

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i was a child walking home from a strip club with my parents(bad parents already). they were struck down by a lone assassin and i vowed on my parents life to find this mad man and destroy him. now along with my sidekick sparrow(special nickname for him) ,my sorry for excuse butler Jeffery,and my training as a former stripper. i vow to make a difference to the streets of Las Vegas.

my credentials:
admin mod and/or tester at multiple academies:12 academies.

gfx artist

knows a bit of html coding.
former stripper on vegas strip and stripper of the year for 2008 and runner in 09(tammy beat me by the lone vote of a 67 year old male.)

now to the fun stuff

i enjoy long walks on the vegas strip
i play a lot of poker
i enjoy cursing in my B@Tmoblie picking up ladies( a few times i got men).
i go to bed by 9pm and i get cookies for dinner.

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Welcome Guest, i hope you have fun here and we get along Smile

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