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Jester of Flames's Test Results

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Kuriboh Master
Kuriboh Master
! Duelist ! (Tester) vs {Valhalla} Flames (Testee)
Blackwings (Tester) vs Shadoll Fusion (Testee)

Match - Win/Loss: 4/5 (Tester won 2-1) (Although the testee admitted defeat for no reason in the first game when he could have just won, so +1 point here.)

Ruling Test: 5/5 (Because the rulings for the quiz haven't gone out yet.)

Siding Skills: 2/5 (The cards he sided would've been useful IF he drew them... except for shadow-imprisoning mirror, which was a fatal mistake to side, because his deck was also DARK attribute.)

Overall Skills: 10/15 (Almost countered every situation he was in, except when his deck got locked down by Vanity's Emptiness and Master Key Beetle, he needs to work on that, because that is CRUCIAL in a game, where you need to reverse a situation, but you can't.)

Attitude: 25/25 (Great attitude, I had lots of fun, always positive; I like it when people enjoy themselves, even during a test.)


Total: 42/50 Congratulations! (And sorry.) You have been placed in: Ra Gagas. (You just need to improve just a tiny bit yo get into Slifer. You probably shouldn't have surrendered that first game :/. That's a big nono during a test.)

Obelisk Brutes: 0-20/50
Ra Gagas: 21-42/50
Slifer Slackers: 43-50/50

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