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Guide to Reversal Quiz

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So First off I will start my guides with the deck prices and in the end I will rate the deck for a regional out of 5 stars.

Reversal quiz deck will probably cost around 50 to 70 dollars if you are buying it all.

Now reversal quiz deck is not a common deck to run in to so this could actually help you counter it. First lets review the main card Reversal quiz effect:
Send all cards in your hand and on your side of the field to the Graveyard. Call the type of card (Spell, Trap, or Monster) on top of your Deck. If you call it right, exchange your current Life Points with your opponent's current ones.

Now how to run a deck. The basic of the deck is draw a mass amount of cards while you let your opponent beat you down with their monsters. So cards like Hope For Escape will be very helpful as you could get up to 5 - 6 cards from it when you are very low on life points. Other good cards to get draws off would be upstart goblin so you can plus off hope for escape, CardCar D is a great card to use for draw. Set some hopes or reckless greeds then summon that card tribute and draw. you should very quickly if a few turns draw half your deck so you can get the 3 card combo to end your opponent.

After your opponent has beaten you down to 1000 or lower you can do either of these combos. The common one to do is activate either a feather of the phoenix or spellbook organizer to know for sure what is the top card of your deck. Then set 1 or more Fuhma Shuriken so it is on the field to use it's effect in chain to reversal quiz because now you activate reversal quiz which would send Fuhma Shuriken to the grave to activate it's effect but first of course Reversal Quiz has to resolve first. After you and your opponent life points are switch Shuriken's effect activates and your opponent takes damage which should result in his/her lost. Another combo is using lava golem. Let's say you don't have Shuriken in your hand and your life points are 1000 or lower also if you don't anything this turn you lose so you settle for lava golem go through the same process as the combo before accept before using quiz you summon golem on your opponent's side of the field to lead to their doom. I like this way better because it is funny to watch your opponent feel helpless next turn.

Now cards to watch out for is pretty simple. Dark Bribe is a pain because it is a card that you don't expect alot but if traps are something you worry about trap stun is good card to use before going into the combo. Burn decks are also a problem again trap stun can save you but if you aren't careful they will end you before that combo goes off. HAT deck is a problem it was the only deck to defeat this deck at regional which was a intense match up as I heard. their ability to shut decks down can hurt this deck alot. I would suggest prohibition to stop deck's main cards that set them off.

In the end the Reversal Quiz deck catches everyone off guard and you could top easily in a regional or any tournament. Most Duelist don't expect to lose when their opponent has less than 1000 life points. This is what makes this deck good because game 2 in a match the opponent is to focus on trying to kill you faster before you get the 3 card combo but 90% of the time they will have the 3 card combo in their hand by their 2nd turn this makes it very difficult to beat.

I give this deck a 4.5 out of 5 it is very very good but it has it's flaws still which could kill you but those flaws are rarely shown.

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this is a good article man and its also have some useful info. make sure you list what cards are key to the deck success.

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