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Home Work #3

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This is going to be the first home work i make here at YGODA so i hope you like it.

To start off i would like to state that ALL dorms may take part in this but each dorm will have a little something something to accommodate their level.

The homework Will be to build a deck and win a certain amount of times with it against me. I will of course be using the same type of deck as you so don't think i have an unfair advantage.

The deck i'm going to require you make is (drum roll) Worms. Each and everyone of you who takes part in this will provide to me a screen shot of their deck after the duel. Each duel will be a Match regardless. Now onto the special requirements for each dorm.

Obby - Because you are the lowest dorm and considered to be the least experienced i will simply have you answer a few questions after the duel about your deck as well as grade your deck. Your answers to my questions do effect your overall grade.

Ra - You guys are on the verge of being Slifer but not quiet there so i will have you do everything Obby has to do as well as require you to catch the few misplays i will make in the duel on purpose. Failure to notice them will result in a penalty.

Slifer - The best we have should be required to do something as bit more difficult yes? You will be required to do all that Ra and OBBY has to do but you must also play near perfect. i will count all misplays and be more crucial with your deck grading as well as require you beat me 2-1 or 2-0 in order to get 25 % of your grade..... Have fun Smile

As for the rewards i will grade your deck according to a rubric of 50 points

Main Deck - 20/20
Side Deck - ?/10
Extra Deck - ?/10
Synergy - ?/10

Performance rubric will also be out of 100
Match performance - 20/20
use of cards 10/10
siding skills 10/10
control of the match 10/10


100% - 200 DP
99-90% - 150 DP
89-80% - 100 DP
79-70% - 50 DP
69%-0% - 25 DP

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thanks for simplifying the homework Serene!

Lightsaber Fight!

                                       [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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I think I've made a sufficient deck, bring it on!

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Main Deck - 12/20 - though your idea was solid the monsters you chose were not so hot. also burden of the mighty isn't needed in this deck as you should be able to cover the atk stat weakness with monster effects. im not going to go into further detail as this is simply homework.
Side Deck - 4/10 no star light road because no stardust. no fait no marshmallon and chalice.
Extra Deck - 4/10 no seraph's minus one 101 minus one utopia and minus both rank 8's
Synergy - 6/10 deck was solid in theory but the monsters didn;t mesh as well as they should have and the spell trap base was not as supportive as it could have been

Performance rubric will also be out of 50
Match performance - 15/20
use of cards 8/10 didn't seem to waste anything
siding skills 5/10 out of the two options that would have been good he only sided the two debunks. should have also sided in the marshmallons.
control of the match 6/10 i had utter control first duel and after a D/C he had control game two. game three was about even (although i would have wrecked him next turn but i had to scoop because im in a rush T_T) overall pretty decent job.

56/100 but -4 for not catching my illegal use of nebula on your monsters, not cathing my incorrect synchro

56% so 25 DP. good job sir

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Darn it, I forgot to re-add stardust when I add new cards in after testing...

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