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Tyler1297's Test Results

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Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Vs Tyler1297
Rank 4 Vs Hand Artifacts

Match Win/loss 2-0 =5/5
Deck construction: 10/15 Deck is built nicely and is very consistant however cards are run that only give the deck drawbacks rather than consistancy.
Ruling: 3/10
Siding Skills: 0/5 Did not side
Overall skills: 10/10 Knew exactly what to do with every single card drawn and played.
Attitude: 5/5

Total: 38/50
Welcome to Ra Gagas

(Sorry for the delay Had some irl issues the past 2 days)

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Welcome to Ra, you have been added to your dorm, please go to the Achievement thread and post for approval.

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nice job tyler

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