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Pendulum Rulings 101

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Sailor Moon

Here Are a Few Recently Released rulings for Pendulum monsters.

This list will be updated with new rulings as they are released and/or changed.

"Pendulum Back" can bring Back Special summon only monsters otherwise known as Nomi and semi-nomi to your hand.

Pendulum monsters cannot be used for the Summon of monsters Such as "Chimeratech Fortress Dragon" or Used for a cost in which the card states you must Send the monster to the graveyard.

Mind Over Matter Can be used when more than 1 monster is Pendulum summoned.

If "Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell" is used to negate the activation of a Pendulum card Then that Monster cannot be Activated in the pendulum zone for the remainder of the duel it can however still be summoned.

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