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LED's Results

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(Sevencolors) vs ([Fabled] Leviathan)
(Constellar) vs (fabled)

Match Win/Loss: Tester/Testee (2-0) = 5/5
Deck Construction: too many one ofs and although there were plenty of plays the deck itself was not consistent and was too easily countered. not many outs and not enough counters to other decks. the side deck was horrible and needs a tone of work. literally nothign in there to counter anything. 3/10
Ruling Test: 5/5
Siding Skills:sided what he could with what he had but still did not side well at all. 1/5
Overall Skills:knew what he was doing and dominated through out the game 5/5
Attitude: horrible attitude and refused to comply with my simple request of focusing on the test and constantly tried to provoke me. 10/20

Totals 29/50
  • Obelisk Brutes: 0-20/50
  • Ra Gagas: 21-42/50
  • Slifer Slackers: 43-50/50

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[17:03:43] @ Rotten Noodles : You just got ninja'd <.<
[17:03:49] @ Yogurt Boi : You can check
[17:03:51] @ Rotten Noodles : Or so Number says e.e
[17:03:53] @ Yogurt Boi : Omg for the first time
[17:04:00] @ Yogurt Boi : I admit defeat to Rotten Noodles

[20:12:55] ! Duelist ! : sevensome op

[18:03:49] Almighty Yeezus : Enjoy all the fun around you right now. When people grow old and things start to fade out, all you will have is memorizes. It's better to have as much good ones and sad ones and funny ones as you can.
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