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Welcome to the Colosseum .

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Mars Ultor

One day walking through the academy, you notice a large building that has never been there before. You enter the building and see a figure moving rapidly through what look like training dummy's. You watch in awe as you realize that the figure is a man, spinning and stabbing at the dummy's. you notice the man stab both of his weapons into the neck of a dummy and the head flies towards you. You look down to see the head looking up at you, then it disappears and all the training dummy's are back in tact. "Everything heals, and nothing dies. Welcome to the Colosseum." You look over and notice a huge weapon rack full of different spears, shields, swords, and even a javelin. "Take your pick. I won't kill you. The pain of the Colosseum heals quickly and will not prolong." The man looks at you and gestures towards the weapons. "I challenge you to a duel!" You pick your weapon of choice and the battle begins.

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