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Core of the Academy Rules

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Phantom Princess

Core of the Academy Rules

These rules going to be presented will not warrant any warning or banning so as long as you follow the general rules.

Dormitories Rules

  • For each dormitory, only those who are IN the dorm rank will be able to post on their fellow dorm mate'(s') room(s), any post from other dorm rank will be immediately garbage-d
  • Teachers as well as administrators will be allowed to post in the dorm rooms except for Moderators and Assistants (This is done so that teachers would have more work)
  • A person may lose his or her dorm, if proven that they are not worthy of it (Except for Obelisk Brutes)

Classes Proposal

These rules will only be applicable for non-staff members; however, any lesson done by the teacher must also undergo screening by other teachers/moderators (No other staff may intervene, not even an administrator).

  • For those who want to submit any lesson regarding: Game Mechanics, Rulings, Deck Guide Articles, and Card Discussions (If you are planning to make a tutorial and not a 'talk' type of discussion): you have to make sure that the contents of it have been screened by a teacher (Private message it to a specific teacher since we have disabled group message if you are not an administrator)
  • It must have the following in the lesson: Title, Source(s), Checked by:, and Updated by: (Only teachers/moderators may tamper Checked by and Updated by)

Note: Failure to post the sources you have used will result in the immediate deletion of the topic as we do not plan on getting cased of plagiarism.

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