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Shadow within the Maiden

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There was a time before the world of Yu-Gi-Oh, before the Egytians tore the world apart and stole away the monsters of the Shadow Realm for dangerous battles against one another, the selfish desires of rulers and priests, of evil and good. There was a world called Soulsearth; it was home to thousands upon thousands of monsters, some ancient, and some mere infants and still new to their surroundings. Some were humanoid and had great power, and some still had no power themselves, but could bring power in the form of comrades and support.
Far to the frigid north was a place of ice, where one could only see snow until one roamed south and hit a mountainous range; home of the winged beasts, dragons and even the many entities of thunder and lightning. South west of those mountains was a giant graveyard of machinery, the gears and broken pieces often coming together and rising to become the clockwork soldiers and machines; though some were so far advanced that cogs and gears were no longer necessary to make them.
To the direct south of those same mountains was an open plain that was dotted with many large forests, mostly host to beasts, insects and all manner of amphibians and even some fish. In the open plains towns were erected and humanoids often lived together and fought alongside and against each other; elves, humans, orcs, even half-human hybrids known as beast-warriors. Further south the grass died and the flowers wilted; a place of the dead, this land was filled with terrifying fiends and undead zombies, thought to be the home of spirits and dangerous being. High above all was a floating island, a massive city visible upon it's surface; The Sanctuary in the Sky, home of the usually benevolent though often mischievous fairies and sprites.
To the far west was a vast ocean, home to many hundred types of fish, and fish-kin alike; the Mermails, guardians of the ocean, allowed for the humanoids to come and fish so long as they respected the fish and did not hunt for the sport of it, while on the islands were also many a strange and odd bunch of outcasts who could not truly adapt to the other towns; groups such as the Arcana Force, a mysterious group of unpredictable fairies, the Fortune Ladies who lived with the Solitaire Witches to keep their power stable through the clearing of land and protection from beasts of their island.

This land was rarely still, rarely peaceful even. For those that lived in this world, many had come and gone, and over all Sophia the Goddess watched over all with an all seeing eye; should balance be lost too greatly, she would wipe the slate clean and start over, it was feared. This fear lead to turmoil, so that the world would keep moving. Even the great Neo-Parshath and her fairies occasionally descended in order to visit the world below, and the gear soldiers of the east travelled west to test their latest inventions of war.

This was the world in which Selestine lived, a maiden with eyes of fairest blue. She was also new to the world, but her two sisters had watched over and protected her after their parent's had passed away. Unsure of why, Selestine and her two sisters lived in a small community in the mountains, among the ever-hunting Harpies and dragons who could walk on two legs like them. Some of them even wielded weapons, or had no wings; but the three maidens were always told to be especially respectful of such, as they were ones who could fight with just as much ferocity.
Brushing her waist length hair straight once more with gentle strokes, her bright eyes looked to the many fruits that had been delivered to them and she took a small berry and smiled gently as she took to consuming the green fruit. It was sweet but a slight sour too, and these were her favourites, but she couldn't stall too long as she was to meet with The Lord and Lady of Dragons; the leaders and protectors of the community in which they lived. They apparently had an important message for the young maiden...
"Which is odd. They usually try to avoid me like a plaguespreader..." she muttered, referring to the grotesque, puffed up zombies of the far south that usually brought sickness and disease even faster than the usual Skull servants or the dangerous vampires.

As she walked through the market of the small town, she grinned and bowed respectfully to all that were there; on the tables, cards with great powers locked within rested on the wooden surfaces; it was never explained why these cards existed, but usually they could be found in caves, or even on the ground; some of the much rarer cards were guarded by powerful guardians. Her steps were light like the shade of her dress, which had a remarkable blue pattern stitched into it by her sisters; they were slowly teaching her how to do such as well.
Coming to the small stone home of the Lord and Lady, Seleste hesitated to knock, but finally did so.
When the call came, she entered the dimly lit room...

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Inside the house of the Lady and Lord of Dragons, someone stirred slowly in what looked to be a small throne; likely the Lord Valraan himself. His eyes were fixated directly on the blue-eyes of the maiden, who froze in her tracks. From behind the throne came another figure, far more graceful in it's approach to the girls eyes with bright blonde hair and dirtier, darker hues than Seleste.
"You may proceed, child," came the woman's soft voice before she took to leaving the room to the left; seemingly to begin boiling a kettle with a flame she summoned from her hand. The maiden took more steps closer, tentative and fearful. Smoke from incense and candles clouded the room mysteriously, but none of the scents were so strong as to offend her nose at all.
"Seleste, I believe was your name. Am I incorrect?" the question was almost an attack at who the maiden was in herself, and not so much to confirm the name of which the leader of the village would certainly already know.
"Yes, my lord." came the soft reply from even softer lips, and the woman in white and blue gave a small bow of respect and greeting.
"No need for such discomfort, despite that there is much to discuss." came the words from the man in his chair. His eyes shifted from her to a small tattered book as his hand reached for it. Clutching what looked to be a journal, he held it to her. Curiosity took her and she let a finger slip between paper and cover, revealing the book to be blank upon the first page. She looked up at the Lord of Dragons in surprise, and turned another page to discover that it, like the rest of them, were empty of any words or writings. Not even a blot of ink marked it's pages.
Tempted to state the obvious about the blank book, she instead looked to the Lady of Dragons as she walked in with what seemed to be a tray with a rather enchanting tea-set; the design of the entire set was curiously two dragons, both known for their ferocity and the hue of their eyes and scales.
Sat on a stone that now rose itself from the ground, more stones arose around it and the young girl of blue hair took a seat, as did Valerie, the Lady.
"I can understand your anxiety at suddenly being summoned. If it pleases you, take tea while I say what I must. You may ask questions after," with Valeran's tone running cool and relaxed rather than tense as before, Seleste indeed did take to the man's offer, taking up a cup and putting two cubes of sugar within, she poured some milk and stirred after and the man took that as a sign that it was time to begin.
"Some time ago, you are aware that your sisters left on a voyage to the plains below, to offer their support to our dragons that are gathering food. However, something is not right. The dragon's have yet to return and Valerie and I fear the worst. Therefore... we believe it's time,
"You will be sent north to the peak of High Light Mountain, where a... gift, shall we say, awaits you. That is, should you achieve what is necessary."
"What is necessary?" she asked quickly, after he had closed his mouth; Valeran was not pleased with the interruption.
"Silence, child. I was not finished... The young are so impatient for answers,"
"Sorry, my lord," she bowed her head again but the man waved it in dismissal.
"What is necessary is not for me to know. Your sisters, and your bloodline, are the only ones who may ascend that mountain. What I do know, however, is that you will inherit a terribly great power there."
"... A great power...?" she wondered what this meant; her sisters had never revealed something about any power. She could barely manage the basic deflect spells she had been taught so as to avoid dragon's accidentally knocking her over, but never had she thought that her family had some hidden potential. What was so powerful even the Lord of Dragon's was not aware of?

"Very well. I'll get ready and try to climb High Light Mountain, and pass whatever test awaits me." the Maiden with eyes of blue said simply, rising from the chair and bowing before leaving. She stopped at the door and thought something over and looked back.
"Should I bring some others with me? The way there is likely filled with feral winged beasts and dangerous monsters of rock."
"That would be best. The Gusto tribe perhaps would join you, or the Mist Valley clan. I do not, however, advise taking too many dragons with you. We need them here for our defense. Anything else?"
"That should be all, my lord. My lady." She bowed to both, before stepping back out into the sun.
The real question is; who should she take?

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