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Staff Update: 5/13/14

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Staff Update 5/13/14
Hi Guest, the admins (PizzaBoi, Mr. Noodles, and myself) have done some moving around of staff based on different reasons, although the most important reason is to assure that our members have the most professional staff we can offer them here at YGODA.

So without further ado let me show you the changes done.

Mr. Noodles


Mr. Yum Yum
! Duelist !
B@TMAN (Demoted from Moderator)

Phantom Princess

SailorMoon (Demoted from Tester)

Now to the new members of the staff, we hope that you continue to make YGODA look like a professional place as well as be professional yourselves.

Also! All jobs of Moderators, Testers, and Assistants MUST be done. That means Moderators are to check over the chat as well as posts, feel free to view Mr. Noodles guide on how to be a professional moderator for more assistance. If that is not enough come see Pizza, Mr. Noodles, or myself and we shall help you. Testers, we expect to see more lessons and homeworks from you all. So far there has only been 1 and we've been open for almost a month now. There is no excuse for this it is in the job description please do it. As for our lovely assistants, please fill in and aide in forum deeds as well as trying to promote events as well as getting people tested.

Any complaints please feel free to get in contact with any of the staff via Skype or DN.

And if you still wish to apply we are still looking for certain staff, you can apply here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

YGODA Administration

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