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[Security Update] DMCA Protection

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Phantom Princess


[Security Update] DMCA Protection

Hello Guest,

You may have noticed the new widget installed on the upper left corner of our forum; however, if you have not, this is what we are pertaining to:
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As you all know, Forumotion in general take action whenever plagiarism or what we laymen prefer calling 'Stealing'; however, it does not hurt to take our security up a notch, does it not?

From this posts and an interval of 48 hours, YGODA will finally be verified as a part of DMCA's protected websites!

What is DMCA?

DMCA .com is the global leader in DMCA Copyright Infringement Takedowns. We get stolen content removed. It's 100% Guaranteed - or you get your money back.

DMCA .com can help with stolen blog content, videos, pictures, websites, games and more. Any country, any content, anywhere. This is what our team of professionals do everyday.

Why is DMCA important for YGODA?

Recently, there have been cases of 'Banner Stealing' -- whether the banner has a watermark or not -- which of course are being dealt with by the General Support Forum or what people call ESF/FSF/SSF etc.; however, the process takes awhile considering that all reports are being filed to the Litigation Team which will then be processed by Online Guardian in order to shutdown the forum -- which by the way is very hard to contest once your forum gets hit -- without warning.

Now, how is it exactly important for us? Well, Guest, it is very important because YGODA is well known to be one of the most advanced and well designed Forumotion forums occupying the Yu-gi-oh! Arts and Leisure rank and because of this, few forums -- will not be named to apply discretion -- have been stealing our banner(s), codes, other immaterial contents which have been dealt with recently. In order to prevent the future charade(s) from escalating and lasting longer, we have applied our forum to be under the protection of DMCA which will then provide us impeccable service along with the Litigation Team and Online Guardian of Forumotion to keep YGODA a safe environment.

How does this work exactly?

YGODA along with its database have been recorded in Pizza Boi's server as well as DMCA's server to check if a content of our site have been stolen and once proven that a site has stolen OR used our intellectual property, we will have the option of either taking down the thief's/thieves' site(s) by using the services of Forumotion or DMCA.

Unfortunately, YGODA must always take immediate action so we will be using DMCA's services to catch the thief and to continue on keeping our forum safe.


Once the thief/thieves has/have been caught, YGODA reserves the right to file a litigation report or direct this on court as we are and all websites are protected by this law:

No possible reproduction without our agreement, pursuant to article L122-1 of the intellectual property code.

And we are definitely proud to present our DMCA badge being this:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

To finish off, YGODA will continue on providing a safe and friendly environment improving, always!


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