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Let's Play #1 - Town of Salem!

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So yea guys! Got this crazy idea to play a game me and TheFallen5055 got into called Town of Salem with some of you lovelies here at YGODA.

So for those of you wondering what is Town of Salem?

Well to sum it up here is the Wiki page for you to read: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

But it's basically a Mafia style game where members of a Town (Townies) are trying to kill off the hostile people living in their town (The Mafia or the Serial Killer, or even the Arsonist)

There are many different roles in the game with a variety of different abilities. But the main goal for you the player is to win no matter what the role. An important aspect of this game is being able to lie. People will eventually become suspicious of you and you will need to be able to fight off those people, lying and bluffing helps a lot.

For any more info on this game again please check out the wiki, I was looking to do this roughly 9 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT +Cool about 2 hours from posting. So if you're interested please comment below once you have gone to the website, given below, and registered, the game is free and it be cool to play with some of you. We could also do a skype call and play the game while talking if some of you would like!

So again leave Username and Skype (If interested) as a comment below the link needed is: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Argor42: I will slay you with a teacup
Goncalo: Come at me bro

Kaizer: They died
Kaizer: With your proness ._.
Kaizer: Inb4 you make this your sig
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Username: Pear
Skype: Mr. Noodles

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[17:03:43] @ Rotten Noodles : You just got ninja'd <.<
[17:03:49] @ Yogurt Boi : You can check
[17:03:51] @ Rotten Noodles : Or so Number says e.e
[17:03:53] @ Yogurt Boi : Omg for the first time
[17:04:00] @ Yogurt Boi : I admit defeat to Rotten Noodles

[20:12:55] ! Duelist ! : sevensome op

[18:03:49] Almighty Yeezus : Enjoy all the fun around you right now. When people grow old and things start to fade out, all you will have is memorizes. It's better to have as much good ones and sad ones and funny ones as you can.
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Kuriboh Master
Kuriboh Master
Username: vAzn
Skype: Ed

-Life is like a game. You must play it in order to win it.

"I don't accept perfectness, I only accept lameliness."
                                                                  -! Duelist !

I'm the Kuriboh Master. Please refrain yourself from calling Kuriboh a "hairball".
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