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Inter-academy Staff Society - The Society of Light!

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s{EXED} Token Gay


Hi Very Happy

First off, I would like to extend my thank you for Guardians of Chaos for this wonderful idea and credits to me for smashing things up. Anyway, the mechanics originally implemented won't be that of GoC's, but mine and this is a proposal for any interested academies out there, meaning this message is a general message. Duel Academy has not been invited, well, not because I don't want to but I have no link to the site (No connection) but if a DA representative wishes to join this parade, then be my guest.

As of now, RekonZero from Vylon Dueling Academy is currently hosting the Inter Academy YCS which is the second thing to happen after Croc's IAYCS and my proposal was once implemented in DA and now to be implemented in all academies and Guest, if you guessed right, it is Society of Light!

What is Society of Light?

Now, what exactly is my definition of Society of Light? My definition of Society of Light is highly dependant on ALL the staff members of the academy, meaning, we as staff members are the members of this special society where we will defend our title. Isn't it rather risky?

Of course, that bit is generally up to the votings and only the Founder will be exempted from this since one cannot give his or her founding account to someone else.

You want to know why I reasoned this out? Well, it's rather simple, I believe that all staff members are fully capable of handling themselves as duelists and generally speaking, shouldn't we? As a staff member, we should be versatile from the testing position up until the administrative position, meaning, you're good in dueling up to simple coding.

This game, of course, isn't that simple, why? Because of the following mechanics below.


The following composes of this game's mechanics:

  • This game will take up to TWO WEEKS to complete, it's that short. (This may be changed)
  • ONLY official staff members of the academy will be able to compete.
  • All staff members are given 5 chances for losses and to get their win back.
  • In order to win the game, the staff must win a minimum of 8 match duels against their opponent!
  • The opponent who challenges only gets ONE chance to challenge the staff and any disconnections (No exemption) will be considered as a game loss and if it is game 2, then it is considered as a match loss (If the staff already won game 1).
  • The staff can change decks anytime.
  • This will be a TCG match duel, including the sneak peaks for April 2014.
  • The ban-list available for usage is April 2014.
  • Siding will be allowed.
  • The opponent CANNOT randomly challenge the staff, they must post in a specific topic before challenging since this will be a first come first serve basis.
  • Once the staff accomplishes all 8 match duels, he or she can continue to duel.
  • The staff member who manages to get the most wins is declared the winner!

Further rules will be announced in another time.


Remember, it is up to the FOUNDER if he or she will allow the staff to be demoted if they lose the challenge. This challenge is NOT mandatory, any staff member who wishes to participate MAY participate. Do NOT challenge randomly in Dueling Network as we have to keep our records.

My current progress

Okay, now you may think this is rather impossible, right? Well, this isn't. Due to technology, my knowledge of coding, and a help from a friend, we have managed to do the Society of Light in 3 easy steps which will not be revealed here as the coding has the rights reserved for YGODA only. No possible reproduction would be allowed as it will warrant a violation against Intellectual Property.

Now, let's talk about this progress thing... As of 5/9/14, I have managed to do a versatile way of coding the profiles and the system will be implemented ONLY in YGODA. So to put it simply, the staff members have to register in YGODA (Which most did already) in order to join this game as well as the opponent. I'm a tycoon, what can I say, lol.

Don't worry, this project is only applicable to our affiliates so until we gain many affiliates, I will be halting this project for now but a 3 academy Society of Light thing is okay. This also would be a good opportunity to advertise your academies as I will allow them Smile.

Another thing, don't worry about the ranking tables, I do not need to use ELO, Google Docs, or other external servers. With Vanilla Javascript and Javascript Library, all of this has been made possible! Of course, the code will be under something like:

<script src="/javascripturl"></srcipt>

Because as I said, all codes used here is under YGODA's Intellectual Property and no possible reproduction will be allowed whether with consent or not and in order to prevent this, an advanced disable right click feature will be implemented IF proven that someone is trying to REPRODUCE this very production of ours.

The current Ranking table is already finished and only the designs are being dealt with, the system along with the profiling is also done as well, so basically, everything is almost done and we just need the Go signal of the Founders.


Okie dokie, of course, there's a reward for everything, correct? Well, the following will be it:

  • A promotion to a specific position - Note: The Founder has the right if he or she will allow this
  • A userbar made by me
  • A signature made by me
  • A custom avatar made by me
  • 2000 DP - This can be applicable to all joining academies

If this event would be repeated during the Christmas holiday, then there will be a high chance I will be sending in real life presents. Don't worry about financials, I'll take care of it Razz , the winning staff just has to receive it.

Hope you guys consider my idea!

@Vylon Dueling Academy: My XCF files got corrupted today because of my siblings, I will redo your affiliation banner later.

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Voted yes!

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