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YGODA and VDA's Official Affiliation

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Hello members of YGODA, I am posting here today to let you all know that we have accepted your affiliation request with VDA. I am the founding admin and leader of VDA currently and this is my official acceptance to your request. Your academy meets all our standards and requirements and we gladly welcome YGODA to our official affiliation section. 

I am also posting to lay down the ground rules to make sure that this affiliation can go smoothly and without a problem

           By agreeing to this section of the post, you understand that with the new affiliation both academy's will be able to advertise links to each others academy's on there respected fourms. This is not to be confused with advertising the link for malicious purposes, this is simply to make navigation between the two academy's easier.

Also, when affiliated both academy's have all rights to post announcements about there respected academy's. This means if the academy is having a big up-date soon or a big event is coming out then the academy can post a announcement on the respected affiliated fourms.

Both academy's have all rights to request resources such as GFX help, event manager help, ect. from the other academy. While they do not have to comply but it is part of the affiliation.

Both academies will have to create a Affiliates widget where they can post up an icon of the Affiliated academy so that members can click it to be re-directed to the affiliated academy. (Mandatory)

Both academy's have all rights to end the affiliation at any time they wish with or without reason. When/if the affiliation is ever discontinued, the standard rules and policy's for both academy's will take in effect again. 

The rules above will apply for our affiliation, by posting a confirmation post on VDA you agree to the above rules and our affiliation will be finalized.

Link to VDA: http://www.vylonduelingacademy.com/

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Phantom Princess

Our founder has posted the confirmation in the academy. This will now be considered Solved and Locked.

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