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Trashed #3

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You have been told to stop posting your forum. The affiliation is not yet complete. This will be your last reminder.

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[17:03:43] @ Rotten Noodles : You just got ninja'd <.<
[17:03:49] @ Yogurt Boi : You can check
[17:03:51] @ Rotten Noodles : Or so Number says e.e
[17:03:53] @ Yogurt Boi : Omg for the first time
[17:04:00] @ Yogurt Boi : I admit defeat to Rotten Noodles

[20:12:55] ! Duelist ! : sevensome op

[18:03:49] Almighty Yeezus : Enjoy all the fun around you right now. When people grow old and things start to fade out, all you will have is memorizes. It's better to have as much good ones and sad ones and funny ones as you can.
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yes it has mr noodles, you are miss informed. also, due to these circumstances i believe that YGODA can make a exception.

rules tot he event can be found here everyone:

Ban me and i promise you, pizza boi will be very unhappy.

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Pizza Boi has already informed us that the affiliation is yet to be complete. So again like I told you earlier, stop posting outside links until then.

Once Pizza has informed Noodles or I that the affiliation is complete then you may feel free to post that link. Until then just wait.

Please and Thank you.

Argor42: I will slay you with a teacup
Goncalo: Come at me bro

Kaizer: They died
Kaizer: With your proness ._.
Kaizer: Inb4 you make this your sig
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s{EXED} Token Gay

I have edited your first post to make sure that we won't be mislead with the rules.

As these 2 have said, I have not given you the go signal to post external links to your academy until our affiliation is completed so please respect our rules as we respect yours.

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Heaven Lea Grace: You better hope your burn comes with a spare matchbox

SomaQuadriga: why u do this?!
Me: I'm the only one who can pull this **** off.
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