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Mordecaifang results

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Guardian of Chaos

No one special
No one special
ErmahgerdYugioh Vs Mordecaifeng
Steelswarm Vs Mythic Rulers

Tester/Testee 1-2: 3/5
Deck Construction: 5/10 Basic Mythic Ruler Build nothing special needs more work on the side deck and you need to have Dracossack main deck because the tokens are very well needed.
Ruling Test: 0/10 Until Test is taken
Siding Skill : 3/10
Overall Skill: 7/10 He knew what he was doing but didn't react well to Ophion which every Ruler player needs a back up plan to that card because he will eat you alive.
Attitude: 5/5
Total: 23/50
This will change when he takes the ruling test.

0-20 Obelisk
21-42 Ra
43-50 Slifer

Welcome to Ra GaGa

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Let the Chaos take over. RISE C107 NEO GALAXY-EYES TACHYON DRAGON!!!!
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