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s{EXED} Token Gay

Will use these in the future:

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s{EXED} Token Gay

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] tooo lllaaazzzyyy don't delte

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s{EXED} Token Gay

Guide bookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk we mah add all this shit for v1

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s{EXED} Token Gay

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s{EXED} Token Gay

YGODA's First Official Tournament: The Corrupted Disease

What is TCD?

Before reading this, you better remember that this is the only time you'll know that the disease is the protagonist and that the cure is the antagonist Wink. We are just that awesome in coining up ideas Wink!

TCD is basically a new form of conceptualized tournament incorporated by the administrators who had the inspiration coming from a Role Play type of forum. Now, what is the main concept in all of this, you wonder, Guest ?

Technically speaking, you join at your own risk since you shall be waging your current Dueling Points. If you have noticed in your 'Won Dueling Points' area, we have decided to donate at least 100 Dueling Points for you to use anywhere, including this tournament.

Disease - You will be dueling each other in order to reach the cure and win this tournament
Cure - You lucky bastards will just wait for the only disease and attempt to beat them (You have other benefits below Wink)

How would the 100 DP be used

Once the tournament has started, (If you are a new member and has joined the tournament with that amount or any amount at all for old members), you shall wager them.

Basically speaking, you either gain or lose DP and that will be described after the Game Mechanics. Oh, and if you're the cure, you don't have to wager anything until the finals but we'll be talking about your benefits later on Wink.

Game Mechanics

As I have stated above, this is a wager type of tournament and this is how it works:

  • This tournament will be held as a single elimination format so once you win, you just go and attempt to win the next round until the finals
  • For each round, when a player loses his/her match, they will have a deduction of 10 DP's and the winner gets 50 DP's (This continues until the finals)
  • Once in the finals, if the Disease manages to beat the Cure, each participant will gain (Who lost) an extra 100 DP's and the champion will gain 1000 DP's as well as other prizes (Will not be posted to maintain surprise and copyright)
  • Now here is the painful part: If the Disease loses against the Cure, each participant will have a deduction of 200 DP's (Negatives apply) and the Disease will lose a total of 1000 DP's. As for the Cure, he/she will have a boost of 1000 for winning the tournament and an extra 500 because he/she was lucky enough to be chosen as the lucky bastard of a cure Wink
  • If the Cure losses, he or she shall get a deduction of 1500 DP's from their points
  • Each person will be assigned a specific monster to revolve their deck around with (We will choose monsters that can be used in a competitive level this format, don't worry)
  • Pendulum summons will not be allowed in this tournament as we want to bring back the fun Yu-gi-oh! way that people didn't quit a lot for Very Happy!
  • There will be a duration of 3 days for each round

As you can see, folks, the Cure has the technical upper hand already and to make things cooler, we have added 2 special rules:

  • In the first turn and second turn, both players will not be able to draw (Rock, paper, and scissors sequence still applies) and before the start of the third, a coin toss will be held with the heads symbolizing the duelist who originally had the first turn and the tails for the loser - whoever wins that coin toss can then decide who goes first for the draw (Battle phase will apply normally because once the person draws, he or she shall start the third turn and is able to attack as official game mechanics states)
  • A person who is unable to summon the main monster assigned to them during the duration of the match (This only applies if the person wins) will be automatically be disqualified since that would lead to assumptions that your deck never had the card

General Format

Format: Single Elimination
Duel Type: Match
Ban-list: Current ban-list (Exclusion of pendulum summons)
Siding: Yes
Change deck after match won: No
Change deck after match loss: No
Banned decks: Alternate win decks (Burns, FTKs, Stalls, etc.)
Ban-list update: No
Rulings update: No

How do you register?

It's simple, really, you just have to post on the official registration page with the following format:

DN Name:
Communication type: (PM/Skype/FB/.etc - Delete this once you've filled this out)

Remember a few things when you're registering:

  • We have the right to reject your registration
  • You MUST have your card assigned to you at least a day or 2 after you have registered in the topic (You may ask other staff members as we will post in the staff section the cards assigned for each player if the host fails to provide you with your card name)
  • ALWAYS post screenshots or get your opponent to confirm for each match (Use this as your official posting site for any complaints since the registration page will be closed once the tournament starts and is originally not an area for asking questions)

Benefits of a Cure

Now, you've definitely wondered what other benefits a Cure has, correct? Well, there are a lot of things this role has and are listed as follow:

  • They will be automatically placed in the finals
  • They are able to knock out at least THREE(3) players from the bracket IF AND ONLY IF the original opponent was unable to duel them during the duration of the round (The power of 3 applies during the WHOLE duration of the tournament)
  • If the cure wishes to quit in the finals, he/she will have a deduction of 500 DP's and the Disease will automatically win!

See? There are a lot of benefits for the Cure, so as much as possible, wish for Kami-sama to make you the Cure in this tournament; however, it has its downfalls too... if you read the topic.

Note #1: Any question which can be answered with this topic will no longer be answered and must NOT be answered by anyone. Let the players read.

Note #2: Any misconduct done during the duration of this tournament will result to immediate disqualification and a warning to their profiles since this IS our first tournament, making it a basis of what your attitude might/might become towards our members

Note #3: Please be aware that the General Rules still apply so do not think of breaking any rules and ALWAYS remember that each round only lasts for 3 days (Exemption is finals)

Note #4: Non-Yu-gi-oh! players are not allowed to intervene with this tournament seeing as though that this is reserved only for Yu-gi-oh! players. Wishing us luck would be okay; however.

Now, that you've read this topic, Guest , go get your game on!

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s{EXED} Token Gay

Wth happened to the sig.

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s{EXED} Token Gay


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Heaven Lea Grace: You better hope your burn comes with a spare matchbox

SomaQuadriga: why u do this?!
Me: I'm the only one who can pull this **** off.
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